Engineered Wood Doors


15 Year Warranty on Engineered Wood Doors

Engineered wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts are built using uniform construction methods and factory materials, providing superior quality control for consumers, as well as individual cabinet sizing, which reduces imperfections and can be custom-made to fit your tastes.  Engineered wood cabinet doors feature a flawless finish. The highly durable finish resists stains from food and liquids, which will keep them functioning and looking great over time.

Engineered doors and drawer fronts are more stable than solid wood doors. They won’t swell and shrink due to humidity changes and stay straighter and flatter than solid wood. They do not warp or twist under normal conditions. The surface is a made of a highly durable engineered wood, making them easier to clean and maintain than natural wood.

Moldings, such as crown moldings, are used to enhance and add depth to a kitchen or bath reface project. All moldings are finished the same as your doors to ensure consistency throughout the project.

Engineered wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts have longer warranties on their finish and glides. And, there is a price range for every budget, all with the same great quality and durability.

Natural Wood Doors


15 Year Warranty on Natural Wood Doors *

Available in a wide variety of woods, such as maple, oak, cherry, pecan and more. These are available in many styles and colors to meet your design needs. There is a beauty and warmth in natural woods that many homeowners find desirable in their kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects.

Wood is in a constant state of expansion and contraction. This normal movement may cause some hairline cracks at the joints in the finish surface on cabinet doors and face frames. This is a natural occurrence and does not weaken or diminish the strength of the joints.

Certain wood, such as cherry, will continue to mellow and darken over time. This brings warmth to lightly-stained cherry and increases depth below darker stains. A wood product is typically affected by environmental conditions that may alter its appearance from what it looked like when it was new. As wood ages, the appearance of the finish may change or darken over time due to environmental factors such as interior lighting, sunlight and humidity.

With natural wood cabinets refacing, matching wood veneers are used to cover the face frames of the existing cabinet boxes prior to installing the new natural wood cabinet doors.

* No Moisture Damage Covered


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